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Aadinath Furniture offers a wide range of lounge chairs. You can do it in dining room, bedroom, pool, field etc as per your requirement.

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First of all, Everyone has an idea of what a lounge chair is and what it’s suppose to look like but few are familiar with the evolution of this piece of furniture and its history. But before we get into such details, we should first review the defining characteristics of the lounge chair. Similarly This furniture piece could accurately be describe as an armchair or an armless recliner. It’s usually upholster and it’s also design to be comfortable and ideal for relaxing.

 The first lounge chair is dated to 1928 and was design in Hungary by Marcel Breuer. Later that year, Le Corbusier also started producing similar lounge chairs. In 1956 Charles and Ray Eames changed our perception of lounge chairs, introducing a series of high-end designs that combined luxury with comfort.

The first lounge chairs featured frames made of metal and they had leather upholstery. Their chrome-plated tubular steel structures were a defining characteristic of this furniture piece and inspire some really chic variations such as this modern piece which has a rocking base.

Lots of variations of the original lounge chair has been develop over the years. So, They’re the adaptation of the original design after being exposed to new cultures and specific criteria and artistic influences. 

Finally, When winter winds blow outside, not much sounds better than curling up in a big fluffy lounge chair, to doze under a soft fleece throw or enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and a good book. Whatever your relaxing intention may be, above Lounge chairs will let you lounge the cold days away.

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Yes, Aadinath Furniture provides fabric samples upon request to ensure customers make informed decisions.

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Yes, We offers outdoor-friendly options designed to withstand various weather conditions.

Yes, our all lounge chairs come with a 24 months warranty.

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