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Tandem Chair

Firstly Tandem Chair is an attractive modular seating system. Firstly specially design for large public waiting areas. Secondly design to withstand exceptional levels of wear and tear. Further as system provides a generous seating. Therefore back rest surfaces for comfort during long waiting hours. Moreover simple modular system enables the units to stand together. As a result to achieve any desire formation or configuration. Around the world people find tandem very comfortable place to wait. The airport terminal operators appreciate its space saving attributes. Like flexibility, durability and easy maintenance.

Superior Tendem Chair

superior single seater grey color
Waiting Chair 1 Seater
superior 2 seater sofa
Waiting Chair 2 Seater
Superior Three Seater Chair
Waiting Chair 3 Seater
Worldwide Tandem Seating
Waiting Chair 4 Seater

Viva Public Seating

viva single seater bench
Viva Single Seater
viva two seater bench
Viva 2 Seater
Viva Three Seater Waiting Chair
Viva Three Seater
viva 4 seater waiting chair
Viva 4 Seater Chair

Public Seating Chair

superior single seater sofa black color
Classic Public Seating
Three Seater Black Metal Waiting Bench
3 Seater Metal Tandem Seating
Wide Public Area Seating
Multi Color Tandem Chair

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