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Viva Three Seater Waiting Chair

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Product Specification

BrandAadinath Furniture
Seat and Back FinishTextured finish
Frame MaterialMS Square Tube
Frame FinishPowder coated finish
No. of Seating3
Product DimensionL50 X B X H132 cm
Warranty 12 Month

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Viva Three Seater Waiting Chair is designed for use in public waiting areas. It is made of a plastic injection molded seat and back, with a textured finish. The frame is made of an MS square tube with a powder-coated finish. Optionally, it can be made of stainless steel. It has a good balance of stiffness and impact resistance.

About Viva Three Seater Waiting Chair

Application of Viva three seater waiting chair in various industry-

  • Medical Institutions:- Like wise Hospitals and Medical Clinics required large public seating area with durability. Likewise Tandem seating provides the best solution because of its durability and steadiness.
  • Education:- In the same vein School and Colleges looks for large seating for students as well as there parents. Nowadays people are looking for smart public area seating and we are providing you the same
  • Airport/ Railway Station:- On the other hand Airport is a place, where people use to check in before time and they have to wait. For that very purpose steady, smart and durable chairs require.
  • Large Public places:- For instance government departments, banks, funeral area, market places and metro station. One need to stand and wait for long. For this very purpose they need a steady and durable seat.

Feature of Viva Public Area Seating

  • Firstly specially design for large public waiting areas.
  • Secondly design to withstand exceptional levels of wear and tear.
  • Further as system provides a generous seating. Therefore back rest surfaces for comfort during long waiting hours.
  • Moreover simple modular system enables the units to stand together. As a result to achieve any desire formation or configuration.
  • At last its  flexibility, durability and easy maintenance makes them very comfortable place to wait. The public area operators appreciate its space saving attributes.

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