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Mechanism for Office Chair

Mechanism for office chair is a mechanical component under your office chair. By mechanism there is a functionality of office chair. However it happens very often. That the adjustment controls, which are under the seat, are used roughly or not used at all.

Firstly we’ve been making a short GUIDE. This will allow you to distinguish and understand the main types of mechanisms for office chairs.

Said that, we can distinguish the following categories of mechanisms for sitting according to the principle of operation:


Swivel tilt mechanism is a mechanism that allows. As the word itself says, to tilt on the top of the seat.

Firstly the backrest and the seat are integral with each other. That is, the angle between the seat and the backrest does not change during movement.
The tilt is in fact use in armchairs that have a unique structure. Secondly in this seat and backrest are joint in a single “shell”.
This is why this mechanism is normally use in chairs for sporadic use. And its not recommended for professional intensive use.

In the oscillating mechanism we usually have the following adjustments:
– seat height adjustment
– locking / unlocking of the mechanism
– adjustment of the mechanism response based on the weight of the user.


The knee tilt mechanism is a tilt mechanism that has a rotation axis move forward with respect to a traditional tilt.
Firstly is always used in armchairs. Secondly of good quality. Finally which have a unique structure. Which allows superior comfort during the tilt phase.
The adjustments are the same as for the tilt. Following mechanisms fall under this category.


The synchronized mechanism is a mechanism that allows the back and seat to move in a synchronized way. It means in a 1: 2.5 ratio (or some other products work with a 1: 2 ratio). In other words, in a chair with synchro mech A 1 ° inclination of the seat corresponds to a 2.5 ° inclination of the backrest.
This means that the chair follows the body movement in a natural and ergonomic way and this means that a dynamic use of the chair is possible.


The Push back mechanism is a mechanism that allows you to adjust the backrest independently.
Therefore this mechanism makes possible to find the optimal static position of use. But does not allow “tilting” instead. Which means it does not enable a dynamic use of the chair.
In the push back mech we usually have the following adjustments:
– seat height adjustment
– seat inclination adjustment
– backrest inclination adjustment
Following are some push back mechanism:-

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