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Ergohuman Chair India

Adinath Furniture, India’s leading furniture manufacturer and supplier offers Ergohuman Chair at affordable prices in India.

Leather & Mesh Ergohuman Chair at Affordable Price

Ergohuman chair is a futuristic and high-tech office chair design and fabricate with total comfort in mind. The Ergohuman is a perfect mix of design and technology: the ergonomic features include flex zones that ensure constant back and lumbar support, multi-dimensional adjustable arm rests for unparalleled support and a height-adjustable pivoting headrest for full crane support. Ergohuman chairs are available in Full Mesh, Real Leather, Fabric or Combinations of Mesh and Leather.

The Ergohuman India range is a perfect fusion of art and science. Featuring flex zones that ensure constant support of back and lumbar. Adjustable armrests for unparallel support. And a height-adjustable, pivoting headrest for full cranial support.

Ergohuman is ideal for those who are in an office chair for long periods of time and require intensive use seating. With advanced aesthetics, form and function, this ergonomic chair utilises a twin-pivot or synchro-tilt mechanism delivering ultimate adjustability for all users. The Ergohuman can be used as 24h/7day seating and is certified to EU standard EN 5459.

Ergohuman Chair FAQs

The Ergohuman chair is known for its ergonomic design and adjustable features. It typically includes features such as adjustable armrests, lumbar support, a reclining mechanism, and a mesh backrest. These features set it apart from other office chairs,

Yes, the Ergohuman chair is designed with ergonomics in mind, and many users with back problems find it beneficial. The adjustable lumbar support and other ergonomic features help in maintaining a proper sitting posture, potentially reducing strain on the back.

To clean and maintain the Ergohuman chair, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines provided in the user manual.

Generally, ergohuman chair considered a quality ergonomic chair with customizable features that many users find comfortable for long hours of sitting. However, personal preferences, body types, and specific health conditions may vary, so it’s advisable to try the chair and assess its suitability for your own requirements

Ergohuman Robust Chair Video

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