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Pofit Ergonomic Chair with Mobile App

Original price was: ₹60,000.00.Current price is: ₹45,000.00.

Product Specification

TypeOffice Chair
ColorBlack & White
Base MaterialAluminum
MechanismSynchro Tilt Mechanism
Headrest5D Adjustable headrest
Arm Type3D Adjustable armrest
Back TypeHigh Back
Special FeatureMobile App Connectivity
Warranty 24 Month
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About Pofit Ergonomic Chair

Pofit Ergonomic Chair is an advanced engineering product. It is the world’s first chair that can interact with users through a smart APP connected by Bluetooth. And Pofit adapts the ultimate bionic spine design. 20 pcs support chips designed for back muscle groups to redefine the original ergonomic chair.

Pofit chair applies technology to design a bionic spine. It brings you more than 300% protection to your whole spine. A bionic spine is the best solution for back and lumbar pain in the current office chair design field. Pofit achieved successfully the whole line, which supports the human spine rather than individual point support.

Its dynamic bionic spine pressure relief design, omnidirectional & double-wing support chips to back muscles, and LIVEMOTION lumbar auto-tracking design, all provide perfect and comfortable support to users’ whole back, including whole spine and back muscle groups.

Key Feature

Here are some key feature of Pofit ergonomic chair;

  • Dynamic Bionic Spine Pressure Relief Design,
  • Omni-directional & Double wing Support Chips Design,
  • LIVE MOTION Lumbar Auto-Tracking Design,
  • 5d Adjustable Headrest,
  • Weight-activated mechanism wit Dual modes back tilt tension interchange,
  • Front Seat Depth Adjustment,
  • Back Recline with Multi-positional locks.


1. Lumbar Protection Setting: The app can guide users to adjust to the best position for lumbar support through large data analysis to help maintain user health.

2. Healthy Seating Posture Warning: The app can detect any incorrect sitting posture and send a warning message to your phone. You can set the warning to alert you every 3.5 – 10 minutes.

3. Sedentariness Warning: The app can detect your daily activity status automatically. And send a message to remind you to get up to move and relax when you sit for too long. You can set a warning to alert you 2,3 or 4 hours.

4. Sitting Posture Evaluation: How much time do you sit correctly or wrongly? Every 3-8 hours? APP can analyze it and send an evaluation message to your phone. This function can help users develop good and healthy sitting habits.

5. Sitting Posture Statistics: This Function can review the sitting posture status weekly or monthly. It records the total sitting time, correct sitting posture time, and 2 types of incorrect sitting posture time.


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