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Single Motor Sit and Stand Desk​

Original price was: ₹40,000.00.Current price is: ₹28,000.00.


  • Handset:- Led Display with memory button
  • Legs: 2 Columns:- 700*800 mm leg : Square column, 2 segments
  • Height:- Min : 700mm, Max 1200mm
  • Load Capacity:- 80 Kgs
  • Speed:- 20mm/s
  • Input:- 230v
  • Table Top Size:- Length : 1200-1800mm; Width: 600-800mm
  • Memory preset:- 4
  • Anti-collision fucntion:-  Yes
  • Motor:- Single Motor System
  • Warranty:- 3 years

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Single Motor Sit and Stand Desk​

Usually office workers spend up to 8-9 hours of each workday sitting. Therefore With this level of inactivity on the chair, a whole host of serious problems cannot be far behind. Muscular problems, back issues, poor blood circulation, brittle bones, obesity, diabetes, heart disease; the list is just the beginning. So what’s the solution :- Single Motor Sit and Stand Desk​!

It’s simple. Alternate between standing & sitting positions with Aadinath Height Adjustable Table Equipped with a convenient control panel, an LED Display and 4 memory presets, your employees can adjust the table to the height they are most comfortable with, achieving a level of workplace health, comfort and productivity that you will have to experience to believe.

Dimension of single motor desk

Upgrade your workday and improve your well-being with our Single Motor Sit-Stand Desk. This ergonomic powerhouse effortlessly transitions between sitting and standing positions, allowing you to minimize back pain, increase focus, and boost energy levels throughout the day.

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