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Ergohuman Elite Medium Back Mesh

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Product Specification

BrandAadinath Furniture
Upholstery MaterialMesh
Back Type Medium Back
MechanismSyncro tilt with multi-position lock
Special FeatureHeight Adjustable
Product DimensionD65 X W69 X H98 cm
Warranty 24 Month

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About Ergohuman Elite Medium Back Mesh Chair

The Ergohuman Elite Medium Back Mesh is a type of office chair designed for ergonomic comfort and support. It is part of the Ergohuman series, known for its emphasis on providing adjustable features to promote proper posture and reduce strain during long periods of sitting.

The “Medium Back Mesh” specification indicates that the chair features a mid-height backrest made of mesh material. Mesh is often chosen for its breathability and flexibility, allowing air circulation and conforming to the user’s body shape. The medium backrest typically offers a balance between upper back support and freedom of movement.

Ergohuman chairs are known for their adjustable features, such as lumbar support, seat height, tilt tension, and armrest positions. These adjustments aim to accommodate a variety of body types and preferences, contributing to a more comfortable and personalized seating experience.

In summery, Ergohuman Chair Medium Back Mesh knowns for its comfort an ergonomics. Purchase it today and give your body a relaxation.

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