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Wooden High Bar Stool at Discounted Rate

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Product Specification

BrandAadinath Furniture
ColourBlack Seat & Brown Walnut
MaterialFaux Leather
Frame MaterialWood
Finish TypeWalnut
ShapeU Shape
Weight Capacity250 lbs
Product Dimension D19 X W19 X H31 inch
Warranty 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

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About Wooden High Bar Stool

Buy a Wooden High Bar Stool at a Discounted Rate and add Mid-Century Modern design to your home. It is beautifully designed with a sturdy 360-degree footrest carefully crafted in top-quality Walnut wood finish, but also expertly upholstered with Brown Pu upholstery and Walnut Back. This piece provides both style and function with an eye-catching contoured wood back that can easily be integrated into your home’s existing decor. Available in 26″ counter Height and 30″ Bar Height.

Key Feature of Wooden High Bar Stool

Here are some key feature of wooden high counter bar stool:

  1. Wooden Construction:  Wooden High Bar Stool at Discounted Rate  As the name suggests, these stools are primarily made of wood, providing a classic and timeless look. Common wood types used for bar stools include oak, pine, maple, and cherry.
  2. Tall Height: High bar stools are taller than standard chairs to accommodate bar or counter height surfaces. They typically have seat heights ranging from 28 to 30 inches or more.
  3. Backrest (Optional): Some wooden high bar stools feature a backrest for added comfort and support. Backrests can vary in style and size, from low backs to full-height backs.
  4. Seat Design: The seat can be round, square, or rectangular, and it may have a contoured shape for added comfort. The design of the seat can be flat, padded, or upholstered with fabric or leather.
  5. Legs and Frame: High bar stools usually have four sturdy legs for stability. The legs may be straight, slightly angled, or tapered. Some designs incorporate crossbars or stretchers between the legs to add reinforcement and a footrest.
  6. Footrest: A footrest is often included to provide a comfortable place to rest your feet when sitting on the stool. It’s typically positioned a few inches from the floor to accommodate various leg heights.

How to Make a Wooden High Counter Stool

1. Design and Plan:

  • Decide on the height, design, and style of your bar stool.
  • Sketch the stool’s design on paper and determine the dimensions.

2. Cut the Legs:

  • Determine the stool’s height, typically around 28-30 inches for bar stools.
  • Cut four equal-length pieces for the legs. Use a carpenter’s square to ensure they are cut at right angles.

3. Create the Seat:

  • If you want a circular seat, use a compass to draw a circle on the wooden seat piece.
  • If you want a square seat, measure and mark the dimensions of the square.

4. Shape the Seat (Optional):

  • If you desire a contoured or more comfortable seat, you can use a jigsaw to cut a gentle curve or contour on the seat.

5. Assemble the Stool:

  • Position the legs at equal intervals around the seat and mark where they should be attached.
  • Drill pilot holes through the seat into the legs, and then attach the legs using wood screws and wood glue. Make sure the stool is stable and level.

 6. Enjoy Your Wooden Bar Stool:

  • Your bar stool is now complete! You can use it in your kitchen, bar, or any other space where you need extra seating.

Wooden High Bar Stool ( Catalogue ) for more information

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